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Suggested equipment list

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Please ensure that your child comes to a camp fully prepared, bearing in mind the ‘essentials’ below are just that. It is important that you pack with your children present, so that they know what they have brought. A durable bag such as a holdall, large sports bag or ideally a rucksack is the best thing to pack belonging in. Try to avoid using suitcases or carrier bags as things in them can get wet, or lost on the way to camp home.


  • Sleeping bag
  • Waterproof coat
  • A strong pair of shoes or boots for walking in. Nothing with big heels
  • Trainers
  • Wellington boots
  • At least one change of clothing
  • T-Shirts, jumpers or sweatshirts
  • As many changes or underwear and socks as days on camp
  • A towel
  • Swimming costume
  • Torch
  • In a cotton bag – plate/bowl, mug, knife, fork and a spoon
  • In a plastic bag – flannel, soap, toothbrush and paste
  • Spare plastic bags for wet clothes

Ensure if possible that all items are marked with your child’s name or some distinctive mark.


Writing paper and envelopes. Maybe pre-stamped and addressed for young children Pens, pencils and drawing paper Feel free to bring along story books, musical instruments and a cuddly toy!

Please do not bring along personal stereos, radios etc. as they play no part in camp.