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Children’s rights and responsibilities

If you are camping with Flysheet you have these rights:

  • That you will be looked after and cared for.
  • To be treated equally and respectfully by everyone on camp.
  • To take part in camp meetings and say what you think.
  • To join in any of the activities offered on camp.
  • To complain to staff about anything or anyone you think is unfair and to have your complaint taken seriously.
  • To feel safe and happy.
  • To talk to any staff you choose if any staff or child has done something you feel upset or worried about.

…and these responsibilities

  • To treat everybody fairly regardless of their age, sex, colour, disability, sexuality or religion.
  • To keep the agreed safety rules of each camp.
  • To help run the camp by doing your share of cooking, fetching wood and water etc.
  • Not to harass or bully anyone and to tell staff if you see other children being harassed or bullied.
  • Not to steal anything from anyone else

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