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Data protection policy

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Flysheet Camps will keep personal records private and confidential to the best of our abilities at all times. Data is held for the legitimate interest of the charity in order for us to maintain contact with children who have camped with us in the past or who may wish to camp with us in the future.

If the subject of the data held wishes to use their “right to be forgotten” and have the information held about them deleted for ever from the Flysheet database, they need to contact with that request. It must be noted that once this action has been taken it will not be possible for Flysheet to contact that person again.

To facilitate this; the personal information collected about the children who camp with us and their parents/carers will be held in a secure location on the internet to minimise risk of data loss.

Access to the data will be controlled and will be only be available as necessary to facilitate the organising of camps and to inform Flysheet children of relevant news.

Flysheet only keeps data to allow us to invite children to and keep them safe on camps , the data will never be sold or passed to a 3rd party, unless necessary by law or for safeguarding.

The information held about children and their families will be held only for the time relevant to the child being of eligible age for camping.

The information held about Flysheet volunteers will be held in a similar secure way. It is possible that contact information of Flysheet children will be held and used in order to invite them to become adult volunteers on camp. If they then become adult volunteers, their information will be held in the same way as other adult volunteers and the information held about them as children will be deleted.

Information held about children will be deleted in any case once they are no longer within our age range and if they do not wish to be invited to camp as adults.

It is possible that during the organisation of camps, data will be held on personal devices. This will be kept to a minimum and data held will be password protected. The data will be deleted from personal devices once no longer necessary for that specific camp.

Medical forms are printed and given by the parent/carer to the regional organiser or to the main organiser. This form will then be duplicated; one copy will be held in a central location on camp the other will be given to the adult who has responsibility for that child on camp. At the end of camp the form will be handed back to the parent/carer or destroyed along with the 2nd copy. 31st March 2018 – to be reviewed annually

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