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Summer 2015

libby_2015_aWell it is over for another year!

A big change from last year. Only one full day of rain. Generally everyone agreed it was one of the best camps for year dispite the low numbers and the fact that it nearly didn’t happen.

Thank you to Miranda and Nicky for organising & Dom for catering. Thanks to all the adults old, new and returning. Also thanks to all the kids who came and behaved so well and contributed to the camp.

Top group hike

We walked 10.5 miles to the place we were camping. Adnan found a flushing toilet. When all looked lost food and heat wise we managed to find wood for a fire just before it got dark and Kathy found 2 chip shops on a borrowed bicyle.


Wall maintenance

After the apparent disaster of the domino effect dry stone wall collapse we learnt some basic wall building and breached the hole we created.

End of week show

Some great songs were written and performed and the Yak made its usual appearance all the way from Tibet.